About Early Care International

Early Care International was created in 2021 to respond to the early developmental needs of children in low and middle-income countries. We engage at a systemic level to impact the lives of a significant number of children early in life to help them attain their full human potential.

The effort to create Early Care International started in 2012 in Ethiopia. At the time, several children needed our support in everyday life. However, in the process, we realised that it is crucial to engage at a systemic level. Thus, in 2021 Early Care International was created. At the moment, Early Childhood Development programme delivery is in jeopardy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and low and middle-income countries need support from organisations like Early Care International to address the gaps created and strengthen the ongoing efforts. 

The team

We are a team of people with strong academic and professional work experience in the NGO sector for over ten years. We have long years of work and life experience in Denmark and Ethiopia. 

Why we do this

Due to our background and professional work experiences, we firmly believe we can address children's fundamental challenges in low and middle-income countries early in life. We genuinely understand the gaps associated with early child development programmes in low and middle-income countries and how skills and resources can best address the challenges in achieving accessible and equitable child development programmes.

What is unique about us

We have an in-depth cross-cultural understanding of the context where we implement our work. We have a vast network of non-governmental, governmental and private initiatives supporting early childhood development programmes. Above all, Early Care International responds to an existing gap in early childhood development programmes in low and middle-income countries, which is crucial for a sustainable future.