Ongoing projects

From 2021-2023 Early Care International will focus on projects that aim to improve early childhood development services in Ethiopia. As most of the people working at the organisation have work and life experiences in Ethiopia, the team has an in-depth cross-cultural understanding and vast network of organisations to effectively implement projects. Currently we are working on two projects in Ethiopia. 

TELL-TO-ACT, Denmark: Storytelling and dialogue

June-Dec. 2022 

Together with Civil Connections, 100% for the Children, SDG World, and Alternatives to seperation, we are implementing the project TELL-TO-ACT with the central ambition to equip employees from NGOs and other forms of institutions to be able to use storytelling and the dialogue form Protreptic as a strategic tool in their work internally and externally. The project is designed to facilitate the training of a team of trainers who can pass on TELL-TO-ACT in their own organization and to their partners. The trained TELL-TO-ACT trainers will master a number of concrete tools that they can use in practice. 

Mental health day, Denmark: Finding a sustainable work-life-balance as an entrepreneur

Oct 10, 2022

Early Care International will host an event focusing on mental health and stress as a part of the Danish and global Mental Health Day. The event will target entrepreneurs and their work-life balance with the aim of providing the participants with sustainable strategies for finding the golden balance between running a start-up and being able to put work aside to cultivate their personal life. The event will include a presentation and workshop with a work-related stress expert, along with an ethiopian coffee ceremony as part of a meditation activity. 

Training of non-specialised front line workers in war-affected areas

April-Sep 2022

The second intervention is a pilot project, which we are implementing in Ethiopia together with the Norwegian-based NGO, Children and War Foundation and the Ethiopian Public Health Institution. The project aims to train non-specialised front line workers in war-affected areas to psycho-educate a group of children on a set of recovery techniques developed by the Children and War Foundation. The techniques have been proved effective in helping children recover from trauma symptoms in several war-affected areas.  

Mapping of ECD programmes in Ethiopia 

Feb-Sep, 2022

The first project is a small-scale intervention that we are implementing in Ethiopia, together with our Ethiopian partner, and our Danish-based partner Civil Connections. The aim of the project is to map information on the existing early childhood development programmes in Ethiopia as well as create a digital learning platform. We aim to to this by looking into the programme implementation in the national strategy, how different actors fulfil their roles, and how cross-sectoral working groups can lead to more coordinated planning. 

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