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TELL-TO-ACT, Denmark: Storytelling and dialogue

June 2022-Feb. 2023 

NGOs are presented with various concepts and values, which can be a jungle to navigate and fully understand. In this connection, an effective tool to apply is the dialogue form Protreptic, which focuses on clarifying concepts and values ​​and creating a common understanding. Examples include buzzwords such as sustainability and co-creation, but it also includes values ​​such as justice, equality, freedom, responsibility, trust, and solidarity. These values are essential for many NGOs and make out the foundation for the work – internally in the organisation and externally in the partnerships with other actors. Storytelling is an effective method of communication. Applying Storytelling in projects can be powerful as it can contribute to a shared understanding.

We are implementing the project TELL-TO-ACT together with Civil Connections, 100% for the Children, SDG World, and Alternatives to seperation. The ambition is to equip employees from NGOs and other types of institutions to be able to use Storytelling and the dialogue form Protreptic as a strategic tool in their work. 

Training of non-specialised frontline workers in war-affected areas

April 2022-February 2023

We are implementing a pilot project in Ethiopia with the Norwegian-based NGO, Children and War Foundation and the Ethiopian Public Health Institution. The project aims to train non-specialised frontline workers in war-affected areas to psycho-educate a group of children to minimise the effects of war trauma. The Children and War Foundation developed the techniques, and it has been proven effective in helping children recover from trauma symptoms in several war-affected areas. 

Mapping of ECD programmes in Ethiopia 

Feb-November, 2022

Together with our Ethiopian partner, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Danish-based partner, Civil Connections Community Foundation (CCCF), we are implementing a small-scale intervention in Ethiopia. The project aims to map information on Ethiopia's early childhood development programmes and create a learning platform. We aim to do this by looking into the programme implementation in the national strategy, how different actors fulfill their roles, and how cross-sectoral working groups can lead to more coordinated planning. 

This project came about by actively involving the key actors working with Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programmes in Ethiopia and seeking insight into what challenges the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, the main government institution responsible for ECD, sees in the area of ECD and which intervention the Ministry finds essential to strengthen this area of work. 

Together with the MoH, Early Care International developed a project aiming to map ECD actors in Ethiopia at the local and national levels and the specific program areas of each organization. Moreover, our study looks into the possible attempts that have been made to establish coordination platforms.

Read key findings in the Executive Summary.

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Executive summary - Mapping of ECD

Read our executive summary of our project: Mapping of Early Childhood Development (ECD) Actors and Programs at national level in Ethiopia.

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Teaching Recovery Techniques for Children Aged 8+

A Pilot Intervention Project implemented in Conflict

Affected Areas in Amhara Region, Ethiopia

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